Hey, folks!

I am back on track and ready to revive this blog. Having had a class about web technologies of the 21st century, I feel a lot more confident posting and blogging about things that matter to the world. Here, I want to become part of the large online society and use this wisely for my future professions as a teacher and hopefully mentor.

Online projects are very efficient and demanded on the teacher’s playground. Nobody can say that usual blackboards or even whiteboards are outdated. Nowadays, schools should work with projectors revealing work online in clouds dumbled together with their students. WebQuests is the new era, at least for me it is, that came along with the several online tools that make teaching easy and most of all mobile. No students have excuses no more about not having homework. If it is online, you will be able to view it. students can work together online from home, from BED if they feel like it. They make their own schedules to work on it. Some are more active at night, some in the morning, other might want to edit a project at 5 pm.

What is even more interesting about those features online is that students will be able to work with other continents. Feedback is given online, over Skype or other communication systems. And it is necessary that teachers are aware of that change. It requires time to get acquainted but will be very successful and easy in the end. The effort is worth it, folks! Use technology, boost your students to the greater so that they will want to work and will be prepared for the future.

Tell me what you think must be done to change our learning environment. Have you ever come across a super cool teacher? Or a super cool webtool? Share it with me!

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