It’s been way too long!

Dear readers,

what I have done all the time? Hung around, studied, studied and work. There is just a lot going on right now. But I will try to get more into this again (as I know I said before).

Becoming a teacher in Germany with the experience I had in the US is just something to fuel my eagerness to remodel our classes according to nowaday’s international standard. Did you know that we think we are progressive with using an interactive boardin class (whose usage is still pretty rare, duh)? While we feel so up-to-date, other countries have been using applications and technology such as laptops in class since 2007…. There is no excuse saying children are way too little or media literacy costs both time and money… “Technology in K-12 Lesson Plans – 3-5” by the University of South Florida is a very neat Podcast/Videocast channel for the practice of technology within the classroom with 3-5 graders. Children are way more capable of technology usage than we expect them to be… Let’s start accepting the change and stop bitching about it. The time so many folks spend on criticizing could be wisely spent on developing strategies of purposeful application!

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