Art in itself is a way how éverybody can show the outside world what is on their inside. whatever is being created by ones own hands trying to express something is known as art to me. As I myself went through some rough times and also happy ones I created some art works to express my feelings in an esthaetic way.

I made this one when a friend inspired me 🙂 At first it was just a try, but yeah, well, I think it worked 🙂







These two were made a couple of years ago, the left one showing Chester Bennington of Linkin Park) on a train ride from Berlin to Home and the other (Mike Shinoda) on an unknown date. I love drawing people and had had an some kind of fable for drawing the latter person of the two. The picture of Chester is actually with him thanks to a special someone who gave it to him. I was so happy and felt so luck about it =) Thx once again for that ! There is more to come 🙂

This one is a Chinese Dragon designed by me when I was searching for a new motive to draw. I love These Dragon because they symbolize a calm and peace as well as strength, wisdom and friendliness. Whatcha think – a good motive for tattoo? Maybe with some chinese symbols? maaaaaan, I am so excited 🙂


These two pictures show the same person. She is a friend of mine and I think has a special beauty. The eyes were the part of the face that encoiuraged me to draw her. I hope you can see the similarities of those two images. I said I love drawing people.. I haven’t drawn people recently but this one is one of my favourites. I’m proud of myself that I was able to point out the mostly recognizable parts of her face – Eyes show the main features and characteristics of a human being 🙂

Hope, you like it as always =)


One Response to Art

  1. LInda says:

    You have some talent! Keep it up. How nice to be able to post your work. Really like the friend of yours just above… Have you bought watercolor pencils, fun media, you get to draw then paint away all the lines!

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