Educational Tech


this page is a new section on my webpage that I created to publish thoughts on useful educational tools. I will talk about those that I really want to try out and tried out so far. I will consider my experience during my studies both in the US and Germany. I will post an interconnected web of tools as well as some lesson plans and creative ideas, which will be my own as well as public ones by others. Any comments are very much appreciated, it is about future teaching and about good class.

In short, this section will contain (from my point of view) useful tools and their application. My aim is to increase efficiency and standard. Some things really need to be changed.

iTunes U:

As we all know, podcasts are very useful for any authentic listening comprehension. Some might say “It is very difficult” and “how about the learners language level adjustment”. It is only just to ask these questions and to look out for PROPER pod/videocasts. iTunes U does have a great variety of different podcasts among which you can also find some by scholars focused on education. The search option entails the key word function by which you find any podcast connected to the selected term. There are also multiple languages as I found out typing in Spanish (“español”). So you can type in theme, language, topic, or any other key word and, most of the time, you will be awarded. Unfortunately, there is no language level because iTunes U is not meant for language learning. However, thorough research and clever suggestions may help 😉


The MoPad is an online notepad tool for collecting ideas and noting down keywords or phrases. The best thing about it is that (many) different people can type their thoughts into the online pad simultaneously. Everything will be noted down as you write. In order to be able to distinguish people’s thoughts, every participant (i e computer) gets their own color, an option you can also turn off if you like.

Saving options are given too. The web address is a unique address on the Mozilla servers that can be accessed over and over again. Do not forget publisher~s rights though. In this case, not only saving online is possible, but also downloading the text to the computer as a Word or PDF file so that it is accessible without internet connection. It’s such great feature for teachers who are obligated to save the results of the lessons. Uploading it to the school’s platform or sending it via email, and everyone is up to date.

FYI: is an organisation full of volunteers to ake the internet a better place. Many applications (browsers, even OS for phones) are produced according to the standards the users need it for so much cheaper, mostly free of charge, than other companies produce. Mozilla Firefox is (as far as I know) one of the well-known products throughout the world.



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