Follow The Eyes Of A Broken Man

  • Follow the eyes of a broken man
    how he kneels on the floor begging for a plan
    how he longs for a warm place to stay
    just for his sons to be okay..Now giving in to faith and believe
    as a cure for the sadness and grief
    his last hope hanging on a string
    silent prayers to God he sings..always pretending to be fine
    keeping the danger out of mind
    staying strong just for his sons
    never letting them know, not even once.. 

    but then, however, he’s out of mind
    killing them and then himself
    even if it was just one time
    why haven’t we been there to help?

Questioning God

The eyes are the door to the soul, they say
but what if you feel that it does not exist
that you have never felt this way
you just know that there is more, yes, there is

what makes us humane, what makes us kind
is it just something given by Lord
and what if it is madness we find
is it our’s or the devil’s fault

can we judge our misbehaviour by these measures
is all the bad forgiven if we regret
are we even allowed to feel any pleasure
if all of the bible we understood

did jesus die just for us, to save our lives
does his deed grant us comitting sin
or what if jesus had survived
would all our rights just be deprived

so am I worse just because I don’t believe
just because I do not render homage to Him
I don’t believe in what I cannot see
I don’t regret, one may call this the greatest sin.


What is it that you make me feel so bad
what is it that I am so sad
what is it that you made me feel
that now is lacking, for real

what is it that made us happy
what is it that makes us sad
what is it that had us seperate
all the dreams that together we had

Am I the reason for the way you are
Am I the reason that we’ve gone so far
Am I the reason that our relationship failed
or has it been there from the beginning, entailed

what was I to you that you abandon me so easily
what was I to you that you now feel you hate me
what was I to you that you still feel allowed to call
me when you need help but hating me after all

And, still now, it hasn’t left me furious
still I care about what you do and how
torn between hate, sadness, happiness and joy
latter more seldom, I feel I do need you now

so am I allowed to call your name
am I allowed to ask for your help
am I allwed to to want you to hold me in your arms
am I allowed to ask you to go away

with me, just us
nobody else but our bond of trust
of love, happiness and joy, no pain
in my imagination that could be all I gained

thanks to you, and now goodbye
the sick person I am I have to try
to live for myself , without solving the question why
denn es ist nun mal entgültig vorbei
wir werden niemals realität
denn es ist die welt, die nur in meinem Kopfe lebt


Drugs Are Not Okay

Once you’re sick
it gives you the kick
’til everything’s black
it kicks you in the back

you tear your mouth apart
for a loud scream to start
but unfortunately no sound
just darkness all around

swallowed by infinity
loosing your friends and all your dignity
speard on devils trident
looking forward to the end

but no loosening, no mercy
grimaces laughing crazily
killing you, keeping you alive
condemned, forever, to survive

even dreams are stolen
the reality is here
instead of feeling loved and
wanted there is fear

but then you wake
eyes so heavy the next day
all your limbs, they ache
drugs are not okay

Our Fantasy

We built up another world for years
covering what I now realize as fear
running far away to escape
from a world I would rather trade

you were a second family to me
opening the horizon for me to see
that there could be anyone who cares
and made me forget that I was scared

In the end I stand alone
on a dark field without the horizon, on my own
you still on the bright side in the light
and I realize I never was part of you, just pretending to make day of the night

I was lost in our world of dreams
where we pretended to live up to the extreme
where we lied to ourself
more me than you or anything else.

But still, I have to thank you a lot
It was a nice time we’d got
Now I have to accept the change
and still in my dreams we will remain

forever and ever and never forget
It was the best part of life we had
and remeber it always will be
the best, cuz it was you and me

Over and Out

Keep it to yourself and don’t look me in the eye
walk your way to hell and don’t ask me why
I told you several times, and did it more than twice
I am cracking hard inside and become as cold as ice

voice low, eyes cold, mouth shut
turned away, no word said, time’s up
we had it your way, we couldn’t make it change
to stubborn to alter, the bad remains

I’ll wait for the burst, I’ll drop the bomb
I’ll make you hurt, you won’t expect it to come
a flash, a bang, I’ll make it clear
but no chance no more, the loss is here

goodbye forever and farewell for good
now, tell me, is it understood
border trespassed, I am free from the grip
I am done with you and alle this shit


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  1. Ivo says:

    Keep up the good work 😉

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