US 2013/14

“‘Cause it always takes a team!”

I made it back to the US, to La Verne during my my College time. The exchange semester provided by the BCA was an extremely important step in my life!

I want to share some of my experiences that made my perspective change. I came back to a place that was new and to a place that I had already known. I was alone and yet I wasn’t. Once again, I overcame myself in a big journey. But more than that, I learned that it takes more than one to achieve.

My family and my friends at home: They made this experience happen. My family supported my decision to go here, they trusted me on this and gave me the financial support I needed – Even more than that. Without you guys, this experience would have never happened…. Thank you. They plus my friends give me reason to come back home. The letters and messages, and packages, I received throughout the duration of my stay made me feel missed and loved. I knew there was something going home to. Actually, I just realized that there is a home. Thus, I even managed to write long letters.. APPRECIATE THAT, FOLKS!

My best friend was on the letters on and off. However, we rarely had contact, but this ingenius mind made me always feel special in his letters and whenever we wrote. Taking the time to write in such a professional way in a language you do not really know by heart or struggle with, makes me see the very special bond! Thank you for teas, coffees and mullled wine evenings… more to come I hope!!!!

My best friend – I like to call him Uncle – let me stay at his house before school started. He made sure that I got to his house savely. He took me to my college residence hall so I did not have to go by bus (LA to me is bearable in public transit wheras others say it is awesful). On holidays, I was part of his family. He took me to a friend’s friend without hesitating. He had me over more than once and let me be part of his life. Showing me that we are true friends by introducing me to almost everyone he knew. He made me become friends with his… Most appreciation goes to him.

My Biker-Princess, a friend I made two years ago, allowed me on rafting- and Glamistrips. I was able to experience a lot of fun things with her as well as a safety and warm home I would never want to give up now. She made me part of her family as well. And I made her part of mine. I know we share a lot which gives me the best feeling of it all: honest trust.

My teachers at La Verne just awesome. I gave my best and I got appreciation of everybody. They wanted to get to know you. They asked you if you need help. They saw the strength and were all about their students’ abilities if they saw the effort. I have never had it before that teachers say “thanks”. Thank you all for your trust, patience and wise support! I even got one of them to take me, no us (a friend from Germany and me), to go to a Museum. A big shout-out to Gabriela Capraroiu for that – such a lovely soul. I loved her class – very demanding. I loved Ann Hills class – demanding and very witty. I loved Dr. Cooks class and all he does for the English language – very attentive, intelligent and ingenius! Jeffrey Kahan – exceptionally down to earth and funny, brings the spice to class himself – a worthy contemporary Shakespeare teacher! Liron Wilson – MMA fighter and such an appreciative trainer. Never had a PE teacher like that who saw the effort and valued that. I really see myself capable of being a professional in sports now. AND last but not least, “Nori” Barajas-Murphy, the one who induced the love of technology and teaching. You gave me the fuel to go on studying with amibtion and an aim! I learned so much and am so proud of the outcome. My degree finally has a purpose!

My super-sweet roommate made my room special, nothing else! That very lovely soul made it her life to fight for Ugandan youngsters and children to be free while her voluntary work with Invisible Children. She was a big part in KONY 2012, which everybody has heard of  I believe. The two years before college she spent travelling non-stop for that cause. Thus, she made it in the list of my personal idols – I cannot express how much I admire her. I hope she uses her college experience wisely and keeps pursuing her dream. I know she will go back to that work later on. More people like her needs the world!

My super nice Salvadorian friend and family: this friendship was one of the closest I made. As with my biker-princess, she made me feel honored and trusted. We shared a lot and told each other deepest feeling nobody else needs to know. I would even tell her the most embarassing experience of all. She fights for a good future for her family and I admire her for that. She is very sturdy and eager to pursue her goal. You will make it to Spain and to me because “If you need a friend there’s a seat here alongside me!”

Super women, lawyer secretary! Thanks for making the last days so enjoyable with hiking and working out. I felt great with you and you showed me the beautiful side about LA! I hope I could show you just how much I liked all of it. You are amazing and you will pull through whatever comes up. She trusted me with everything and did not expect anything in return. I can’t say how much fun I had. Maybe see ya in summer!

My suite-mates: A rough start but then it turned out all good. Always respectful and friendly. Thank you for making me part of your life, of your families when they came to visit! To my Maryland Girl which I had my first pizza with and tried Shocktop (no way !), I had a blast and some very deep talks about anything concerning politics, college rules, boys and more over a super duper funny halloween! What did we not do?

The one who owns almost every cinema around LA but still goes to drive-in Rubies. We did not make it there, but whatever – bunnies are fine with me- Such an awesome, funny, friendly and down-to-earth guy. Thanks to him, I got acquainted with a lot of good food and nice people. I’ll never forget our embarassing gay introduction! 🙂

All the little ones busy at the Davenport dining hall, thank you! The conversations with that little Mexican/Asian boy with the ‘fro I had were always fun. Always smiling, always positive. He really liked my shirts 😀 The ones I shared my last beer with at La Verne: I had a blast. Next time in Kickboxing class, I will tuck you under and kick my knees up hard. You know who I am talking about. And to the one who was very generous at DP all the time and also always smiling, you will have a hard semester ahead of you, I can tell…. Good luck and thank you for making me feel welcome as well. To my German/American who does not know German, always wearing a hat, you are one of the coolest! I enjoyed our very diverse conversations and would love to catch up on WWII and Emigration. 🙂 Miss you already.
My cool gay kickboxing dude. Meditation and such a deep soul. I learned a lot from you about a world I was never able to look into – Thank you for opening that portal! And a shout.out to his awesome friend, I love your hair, firy red!



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