US Trip 2011

Hey there!

As you guys probably know, I am doing a trip throughout the US atm. I wanted to do something like a diary and I’m gonna fill you in on all the details as muich as I have the time to do it.

Hope you  enjoy it and as soon as I get my plug adapter (they just don’t understand what I want) I will be able to load photos from my Laptop. So here you go…


Hey ppl far away!

I’m here in NYC, Brooklyn, now at the computer of my host buddy. Yesterday was a tough day with the flights and stuff. I had a lot on my mind when I was leaving my mom behind at the airport. (And yes, MOM, I still have the lucky 1 cent coin you gave me and I’ll keep it save, I promise)

When I was on a plane I met a girl from Virginia and we even managed to sit together. She was so talkative, it was just awesome. It made it hard to say goodbye at the airport in Reykjavik. BUT the best part about all this is, guess what, Imma go to VA next week and visit her =). It still depends on what the transportation is like and her working hours but we will definitely stay in touch. I got to show her a better part of Germany sometime. Just adorable!

Other than that we had food on the plane (my very first time!!!) and I had Cesar salad for about 15 $ >.<‘ – still, it was tasty. On the second plane it was horrible. You really can’t sit comfortable and for sleeping I had to lean onto the person’s seat in front of me. Thus my stomach was squeezed and I, later on, had such crazy pains. I felt like dying!

So when I got here eventually I was free of pains again. After all the custom stuff, which literally took hours, I went outside and met another very friendly person’s family who are actually from Connecticut. When they made their way home I just stepped outside and it completely hit me – the heat was overwhelming. I guess you expected me to mention the sight but sry, it was just like when you get outside FRA. Iwas fun though because there where all these yellow cabs and a yellow school bus. I was very cool to see it for real! And then I just got in such a cab and felt like a queen on the soft cushions. AWESOME! The driver was really friendly and talkative. We talked about language and all that stuff but the most interesting topic we had was about “Why not saying black people but white or what about african american?” It was fun, he was a cool guy !

So then I was here in front of the flat and didn’t know what to do when I couldn’t find a bell or anything like a signal. My cell phone was not running the way it should. I had to ask a neighbor who was all cool with lending me his phone so I could easily reach my host who’s name is Ricardo.

Ricardo is a real fun guy. Nice and open-minded and really trustworthy. He is a DJ around here and, ppl, I heard him doing that stuff and it was all cool! He is very good in bringing in the Brazilian features of his culture into the remixes he makes. Very nice if he could bring it to Germany – would be good for Hazienda 😛 (sryyyy )

Today morning we had eggs for breakfast and a Starbucks Frappucino (sorry, bro, for buying there – he did it). It was good but it was much and so f******* early (6am). I just couldn’t sleep now more but went back afterwards for a couple of hours.

I walked around here and it was really nice to see how ppl react to foreigners. They were very friendly but still they kept an eye on you. Not because of being suspicious but hey, who is not curious if they see something they don’t every day?

Just listen to that!:

I was walking around here when some guy was coming up to me and started talking sweetly to me, meaning things like “you’re beautiful” and stuff. It was so weird for me and I was just being suspicious that he was just one of those guys wanting to hook up. But then we talked for a while I did not have to go to Time square on my own 😀 He was really nice but IU had to tell him that he ought to pull himself together a bit. Ricardo said it was okay, that’s just the way guys are. Still funny…

Then we met again, headed for the city and BOOOOM – I was completely taken aback. It was so huge and full of light. full of people. It was really crowded but not as badly crowded as I don’t like it in other cities. You didn’t have to squeeze through. We just walked and looked at all the fancy signs and then there was a Hard Rock cafe 🙂 So I was obliged to be reminded of my lovely dear Silvana ! I was thinking of you, and I took a photo of it. The best thing is the shirt I bought – It just looks good. And as a prospective customer I bought a HRC card to go into a store in LA and get me another one – HAHA!

Other than that there was a huge Hershey’s store. It was so big and all some tasty stuff you could buy. If it just wasn’t that expensive. … But I’m gonna go buy somewhere else. Maybe I’m gonna get me a shirt from there, that would be cool, what do YOU think?

They have Reese’s and Hershey’s shirts which are so funny and if you know the colors of Reese’s then you will know what the color of the shirt is HA!

That was most of my day today, just one thing is missing – I got out at the wrong station 😀 That’s just me, huh XD

Good night and tell me about the shirt XD


Hey Guys!!

It’s been some time since the last entry and I have to tell a lot! The 19. of July I spent wandering around NYC, seeing the Statue of Liberty on doing a trip with the ferry. It was beautiful and this statue is massive. I wasn’t able to go on the crown as the tickets were already sold out for the day but I had a nice view and I took some great pictures from the city. So it was definitely worth it (I’ll have pictures when my Laptop accepts my phone :/)

Afterwards I was walking through the city meeting a friend from . He was really nice and showed me Central Park and the McGee’s Bar, from which the idea for the bar in How I Met Your Mother came from. If you know that series you know what I mean. He invited to me to have dinner with him and he was so talkative. The dinner was great, I had Nachos with vegetables and dips and a pint of pear cider – Tasty! Thank you, Sandeep! Meeting you again will make my day!

The next day I went on the tour to 1000 Islands and Niagara Falls! It was so nice, I met such a friendly family whose aunt gave me some Philippine food. She was all gorgeous and the others as well. They really cared about and for me – WOW a big thanks!

On the bus I sat next to our lovely tour guide. She came here from China and as the company was in China Town NY there were a lot of Chinese ppl on the bus. This language is great and funny at once 🙂 She provided me with a map of New York and some post cards (so be alert maybe you’ll get one of those!)

At first we arrived at 1000 Island (which actually sum up to about 1800). We got on a ferry and experienced a lot of Islands with great mansions on them. It was such a beautiful sight to see and we even got over the Border – WELCOME CANADA! But the best was the guide on the boat, he was really not liking his job 😀 And he was rushing of the minute his speech was finished … well well, I liked it though

After that and a few more stops we finally arrived at Niagara Falls which was so beautiful I had almost cried. The lights shone upon the falls and the skyline of the city was just like heaven. And yet on the photos I looked like the devil 😀 I’ll show you the pics :0

We stayed at a great hotel for the night and I had a 4 bed dorm for myself – comfy. The next day we had breakfast ( small and not sufficient) and the fact that I was late for the bus made me pay… 😀 I had to sing a German song. But as you may know Linda is bad in recalling German tunes I just sang ” alle meine Entchen” XD

So then again we were at Niagara Falls experiencing many cold sprays of water. It was just beautiful and so powerful how the water rushed down the fall. On one side the Niagara River was so quiet and then got so fast, you would have no chance to swim against the flood. We saw the Cave of the Wind, which was a walk tour up and down the path next to the waterfall (Horseshoe Fall), and The Maid of the Mist, which was a ferry tour to just meters next to the other fall! It was awesome and eventually we were refreshed, I had never been so wet before. It was good to have a poncho. But for everyone – If you can go and see the Falls!!!!!!

Afterwards it was just the way home that I spent talking to Felisha, the tour guide, and watching the landscape passing by. And we had some DVDs on, I watched Avatar for the first time. No sound, just subtitle in English, and it was fun! I eventually have come to like it!

So when we got back from this amazing trip I happened to stay with the family that I had  toured with. I was invited to eat at a restaurant which served really good food and yummy! Afterwards they offered me their couch for the night, Auntie Irma was so caring, she gave me bread for some days and wanted me to take canned food and stuff. Somehow I felt bad but on the other side it couldn’t get any better! Thank you so much for everything, I’m lucky I met you!

So now I am back at my flatmate’s flat, sitting here. It is about 100 degrees F but 37 degrees Celsius here 😀 so that’s what I call summer. You poor bastards over there! you must be freezing 🙂 I hope for you that it gets warmer over there! 🙂

So, a big BYE to you and tsai tsien (or something alike) (bye bye in Chinese)

Regards and thousands of kisses, Linda


Hey there!

I am back on the road heading to Connecticut from Virginia. I had a lot of fun there. First thing to say is that neighborhood in our sense does not exist. In the country side the landscape is very far stretched, and a drive of 20 min is minimum most of the time! But to them here it means nothing really.. We drove around a lot. But I really have to say the rides are so smooth and good that I can sleep. Almst scarily well! maybe still jetlegged?

So, what did we do? We chilled out, went to dinner, went shopping (WALMART YEAH!), went eating again, went to my friend’s working place and then mine XD YES!  I had work for 2 days. They do a lot of babysitting around here. I had to watch for kids (just think about it – Me and Kids ). But it went so well, they were so sweet and the 8-year-old daughter cared for all the younger ones. So sophisticated at this age – WOW! The youngest was two years and so lovely – They said I was the best babysotter so far XD Great experience, really ! But I didn’t change dipaers, I just couldn’t…

Well, Back at my friend’s hous I wanted to go to bed one night and just as I opened the door there was the thing on the wall. Uglier than a spider andso I met my first roommate, the centipede =D I was petrified and couldn’t move. Then I called Kristeena on her phone, yes on her phone, to make her come down and get this thing off the wall. This night I was not ready to sleep down there. Today morning I discovered another one of those but didn’t even care. These bugs are really fast!

This house was just waesome and moreover the family, everyone was caring about me, I could say I was pampered.. XD Thank you so much, I am certainly gonna come back!

On my way to their hpuse I had to get to Washington, DC and totally forgot about what kind of place this was. It was the place where everything was planned by government and stuff and thus I was totally shocked as I saw the White House passing by. I saud” Wait, isn’t that..!”  Well, yes, it was, and the city is just so awesome. I should make a trip there if I get back to NYC.

it is also very cool to see that on the road you have the be areful not to roll over a turtle XD and have you ever seen a cardinal? They have them here and they are so beautiful. So are the big butterflies here. Beautiful nature!I like it !

and I forgot: we had cheese-broccoli-auflauf. auflauf will be a word they remember. – MSLindn


Hello again, Folks..

It’s been long since the last entry but I had some problems with my laptop and deleted the things I wrote.. So well here you go

I am in Chicago now but I will start with something about Connecticut =)

It was nice in Lyme, Connecticut. I was at a friend’s house and in two days I saw so many nice things. As the house is in the woods there are plenty of animals. I saw a chipmunk for the very first time. They are even cuter than a squirrels. AND I saw frogs you changed their colors just like chameleons 🙂 well, and if this wasn’t enough I saw Cardinals and other bird and a moth which looked like wood, a treetrunk. So funny and beautiful.

Other than that I went to a casino for the first time in my life and I can tell you that I now understand what makes people addicted to gambling. We had great food and a Mojito this evening, Mojitos are good *yummy*

On the next day we went to a little fair, very little to be extact, but it was so cute. I bought a nice dress and something so tiny for a hopefully new born in the next two years.. =) I also had my very first cupcake – AWESOME AND TASTYYYYYYY… I think I never had soome good piece of cake like this… 🙂 But the frosting looked a little bit nasty 😀 vanilla cream.. 😉

The day I left Connecticut we went to see Gilette Castle – No the razor wasn’t invited there – which was built 1914-1917 in the name of William Gilette, the actor who played Sherlock Holmes. It looked like the flinstone’s home.. Totally great

Then, later that day, I went on the bus, after saying bye (It was hard), and rode for about 22 hrs.. When I finally arrived in CHICAGO on 1. of Aug I met Jordan, the guy I’m staying with, and felt totally blessed to have someone like him. He shows me the city and helps me out with whatever I need. We just live from torillas with peanut butter somehow but I managed to get me some cheese and mortadella 😀 Crazy… But it is alright. On the second evening we had a great thunderstorm and the next day still sunshine and hot weather =)

Today I was just tired and after some sleep I went to the zoo. It was more a farm but so cute and nice. They had a barn where children could teach themselves about bees and farm works and many other things. But really just so cute =)

Gonna let you know what’s up soon =)

Good night, Linda *XOXO*



Well folks, it’s been long, huh?!

Okay, here we go, atm I am in SF, have left LA some days ago, and found this city here quite annoying exceot for those great ppl I met in this hostel. gonna miss them really bad. !!Today I’m gonna leave for Sacramento to meet my friends from NYC back in their home town. This will be just terrific!

But back to LA now. I like the city actually pretty much: My host is great, the area I live in is beautiful, nice folks, just fun ! Bute the first da, Hollywood, was just wow. One guy got hit by a car, looked bad and made me feel bad, really bad. I had my fingers crossed for him. Well, the next incident happened some days ago when they had a stabbing in the subway that I was gonna take in the night… I was staying at a friend’s hostel… really cool but bad evening… 😀

Okay so LA was great and nice had a lot of fun! In SF this area I live in is scary…. really scary


6 Responses to US Trip 2011

  1. Marina says:

    Sounds a bit like my first day in New York 2 weeks ago 😉 If you want to see Washington DC, too… just check the Red Line Bus – let me know if you need more information. It leaves on 2 places in NY and costs only $17,50 per way. Approx. 4.30hours drive.

    Have fun dear 😉

  2. kristina says:

    Kannst du nicht Deutsch schreiben 😀 jetzt muss ich das später lesen, weils sonst zu lang dauert 😉 hoffe dir gehts gut :-*

  3. gut zu lesen das alles so gut is!ja deutsch wäre fein..versteh ja net alles…herje es lebe der google übersetzer…miss u!

  4. Nadde says:

    Also ich finds gut, dass du das alles auf Englisch schreibst.
    Das frischt mein Englisch etwas auf! 😉
    Schön dass alles so gut bei dir läuft,
    da wird man echt neidisch 😛

  5. Englisch ist ok, schließlich soll das ja die Welt lesen 😉

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